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Sponsorship program

Sponsorship program

Sponsorship program


Endoscopic Cardiac Surgeons Club

Our Mission:

To promote the global awareness of the advantages of endoscopic cardiac surgery to patients, surgeons and industry partners.
To increase the safe and wider adoption of endoscopic techniques in cardiac surgery.
To drive improvements in short and long term outcomes for cardiac patients using endoscopic surgery.

Our Vision:

Help cardiac surgery become a speciality where an endoscope is used more widely to improve surgical performance and improve patient outcomes.
We believe that the organisation should be a not for profit organisation.
We also believe that membership of the organisation will initially remain free to nominated and full members.


Chairman: Patrick Perrier

Steering group:

  • Mattia Glauber
  • Joerg Kempfert
  • Antonios Pitsis
  • Marco Solinas
  • Joseph Zacharias (Secretary)

Nominated (Invited) members:

Members nominated by one member of the steering group and ratified by two other members. They should have a track record in sharing our mission.

Full Members:

Submission of one or two edited or unedited videos of Endoscopic procedures this will be reviewed by two members of the steering or membership group.

Contribution of consecutive cases into a registry.

Trainee Members:

Interest in Endoscopic surgery.
Present or publish quality content
Support endoscopic simulation.
Agree to contribute training videos to web based platform.

Surgical Care Practitioners: (Associate members): Endoscopic Conduit Harvesters

  • Cardiology Members (Ambassadors in different countries)

Succession planning:

The term of the Chairman will be for two years initially. The post of the Secretary and Treasurer will be for three years. All other posts will be for a one year period with optional extensions. The post of Chairman and other posts will be decided by a vote among the steering group and nominated members a year before the post is transitioned.


Industry Partners:

Platinum: Yearly 10,000 Pounds

Industry partners get access to members to brainstorm new ideas (Max 2/year) and will have a link member from the steering group.

Get early access to showcasing their product during the annual meeting in a sponsored Webinar session.

Have the potential of using members to do trials of new technology

Opportunity to showcase technology on a web based platform.

Gold: Yearly 6,000 Pounds

Access to members to discuss new technology (1/ year).

Have opportunity to showcase technology on a Web based platform.

Have a link member from the Steering group for regular contact.

Silver: Yearly 3,000 Pounds.

Mentioned on a web based platform.

Have a link member in the steering group for contact

Bronze: Yearly 1,000 Pounds.

Mention on the web based platform.

Engaging: (the next generation).
Caring: (for the patient).
Safety: (Disseminating endoscopic skills).
Collaborating (With endoscopic cardiac surgeons globally).