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Associate Members

Associate Members

Associate Members
  • A license to practice medicine in his/her state, province or country. The applicant may be in government service or private practice.
  • Certification by a nationally recognised Cardiac Surgery Association.
  • Documented experience in endoscopic minimal access surgery (e.g. endoscopy, thoracoscopy, robotics) in the field of cardiac surgery.
  • Applicants will be required to submit operative or endoscopic videos and/or other publications to substantiate practice experience and skill as determined by the Membership Committee.
  • Associate members who submit high quality videos and/or publications in endoscopic cardiac surgery will be nominated to become Active Members.

Membership advantages include:

  • Reduced fee for annual meetings
  • Participation in members discussions (online forum in development)
  • Participate in twice yearly Members meeting to assist in shaping the future of the ECSC

Annual Fee

There is an annual fee of £150 which will be charged once the application has been approved