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Joseph Zacharias Book Release

Joseph Zacharias Book Release

This book is unique in describing the practical considerations of endoscopic cardiac surgery. It covers this topic from basic concepts such as patient selection to imaging and outlines the different approaches to particular endoscopic cardiac surgical procedures. As there is an increasing acceptance that cardiac surgery needs to be provided to older and sicker patients and more asymptomatic patients, the option of a sternotomy is becoming less appealing. The endoscope has changed the patient pathway in many surgical specialities, but until recently cardiac surgery has been slow to adopt this approach. With improvements in imaging and better imaging technology, there is a steady increase in accepted procedures and trained surgeons offering this approach.

Endoscopic Cardiac Surgery: Tips, Tricks and Traps captures the experience of endoscopic cardiac surgeons from around the world and is a concise yet thorough reference book for those starting a program in this discipline. With over 3 hours of associated video material, it will be an essential primer for the discipline, therefore making it a valuable reference for trainees in cardiac surgery and experienced surgeons wishing to add this approach to their armamentarium.

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