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We are very keen to involve clinicians who would be interested in this evolving area of cardiac surgery. We believe that these operative videos will help young doctors understand the anatomy of the heart. We also hope that clinicians treating hreat disease will find these videos helpful to correlate with echocardiogram images so they are able to understand the pathophysiology of heart diseases better. We also want to interest junior surgeons starting off a career in surgery to consider cardiac surgery as a career choice and hope some of these videos wil attract them to this speciality.

How should I engage?

To start with please follow us on our social media platforms and our YouTube channel where we plan to release interesting videos on a regular basis. We hope to inspire young surgeons to gradually consider submitting videos from thier own institutions and eventually become a trainee member and with time a full member. Full membership is limited to surgeons who have contributed videos and publications in this field or are nominated by two other members. We hope to welcome you someday.

Member Types

Distinguished members elected by the steering group...

Nominated members with a proven track record of high...

Nominated members who can be surgeons, cardiologists an

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